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We Produce

Premium Fatwood Firestarter
We Ensure You Start Fires Easier,
Faster, Cheaper AND Greener!

We Love Fatwood, but it is NATURE that brought us here. You can't get more natural than this!

Use For

  • Fireplace or Wood Stove
  • Ideal for Novice fire starters
  • It takes just a single match to make a blaze!
A Box of Mayan Flame Premium Fatwood Non-Fumigated Fatwood has our Manufacturer’s

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100% Natural Eco-Friendly Fire Starter taken from discarded pine stumps.
It takes a single match to make a blaze.

Mayan Flame

You Need:

Fast starting fires? A good firestarter is a prime concern.
Solution: Fast lighting Mayan Flame Firestarters produce a rapid burning fire in no time.
Environmentally Friendly Fire starters? The pine stumps left behind by the forest are a hazard for feeding forest fires.
Solution: Chop stumps into sticks to produce fatwood, the hottest burning natural fire starter. It is a win – win situation!
Safety? Worried about loved ones drinking or chewing your lighter fluid, paraffin, gel, pods, cubes or squares.
Solution: Use Mayan Flame Fatwood. Our pine fatwood is non-fumigated and is safe around children and your pets so you can relax.
Value for your hard-earned cash? We understand. You want to use it wisely.
Solution: A box of Mayan Flame Fire Starters contains many sticks to make many more fires at pennies per fire. Unbeatable value.

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Mayan Flame Fatwood Fire starter sticks are great for:

  • Campgrounds
  • General Stores
  • Camping Supply Shops
  • Hardware Stores
  • Bait & Tackle Shops
  • Anywhere outdoors people shop!

Mayan Flame Fatwood Fire Starter Sticks

Waterproof - will burn when wet, burns hot!
Lights Quickly - Large Flame - Wind Resistant
Fatwood’s Pine Smell is great in your home
Heavy duty, portable and compact
Ecological Pine resin, Non Petroleum based
Makes building a fire a joy, forget the newspapers, waxed material, gels and fluids.
Never left stranded, it is wind resistant and lights when wet. Ideal for an emergency and your survival.
Economical, it preserves your hard earned money so it can be spent elsewhere
Gives you more time to enjoy the fire. Fast Fires heat up your home faster at less cost.

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