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The Mayan Flame Crew is obsessed with the customer experience.
We have always built our product mix with the end user in mind.
We share your values around green living and simplifying life.

So often, conveniences meant to simplify life only add to the environmental consequences complicating rather than simplifying things.

As a Mom and Pop business in a sea of corporate interests, we carve out our niche by giving people what they really want, - acknowledgement & respect, and we add products that help humans experience the world in a more profound way.

The Mayan Flame brand continues this tradition by recycling resin rich stumps which have been discarded by the logging industry. By re-purposing this waste to reduce forest fires and feed your intentional fires (think - fireplaces, camping, wood stoves) we ensure a win win win - You, Us and the earth.

About Us:

Our USA Fatwood warehouse is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mayan Flame Fatwood is one of many brands we have brought to market. We have been satisfying customers with unusual unique high quality products since 2006.

From our super-convenient ground-breaking high power hand held "Jolt" bug zappers, to the 1st awe inspiring fire-retardant sky lanterns, we strive to be cutting edge.

The Mayan Flame fatwood is a relatively unknown natural product that performs way better than common fire starters on the market today. Removing fuel for forest fires and re-purposing it as fuel for intentional fires, it is a perfect fit.
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Our Mayan Story

During a Central American trip our idea guy (Mark) stumbled upon an item called ocote. It comes with bundles of firewood in Central America. When he saw how fast these sticks started on fire, the seed of Mayan Flame was sown.

When he realized where it came from (discarded stumps left by the forest industry), he knew this MUST be introduced to Western Markets. He sent pictures and video to his contacts in USA and China.
Further research showed that large corporations (Walmart, Home Depot, & Lowes etc) carried it, yet it is virtually unknown. Introduction was not the issue, proper marketing is, as this item is no where near its potential.

So, here we are carving out a small niche, Mom and Pop vs the giant corporations in the small fatwood sector. We push to expand into the mainstream fire starter market where fatwood is currently a small part. By educating the public and partnering with other earth conscious businesses we hope this environmentally brilliant item can gain the market share it deserves.

Mayan Flame (much like our other brands), will continue to exceed expectations, as this type of interaction is paramount to this cause. Contact us for proof at (616) 295-7070

Lightning fast response & delivery as well as dependable quality has ensured a continued interest in our philosophy and services. As our existence implies, YOU have decided our presence is required and we THANK YOU.

Mayan Flame's Commitment to YOU

Commitment 1
100% Customer satisfaction. Any issues let us know and we will deal with them immediately.
​​Commitment 2
We are 100% dedicated to enhancing your shopping experience. Easy to say, much harder to do.

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